Jackie Chan in Sydney: How did I not know this???

Yesterday I was staring at my computer screen, my mouth slightly hanging open in disbelief. A few seconds ago I was frantically clicking, and now I was sitting incredibly still. My eyes were the only part of me darting all over the place.

I finally swung around in my seat to look at my co-worker and ask what shouldn’t have been much of a rhetorical question: “Why am I still at work?”

Jackie Chan is currently in Sydney, where I live and work, filming scenes for his latest movie Bleeding Steel that is set to be released next year. But it was yesterday when he was spotted by news crews in helicopters filming an action sequence on one of the arches of the Sydney Opera House.

That’s right; Jackie Chan was filming a fight scene on the roof of the Sydney Opera House.

And I was 15 minutes train ride away from witnessing the action in person.

Surely, an extended lunch break was in order!

Below is some news footage captured by a Seven News helicopter:

Now excuse me while I set Google alerts for Jackie Chan + Sydney + other tall national monuments close to my office.


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